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  • green card interview questions 2020 L. Starting June 6th at noon EDT the U. If this is not the case then you should contact us so that we can review your situation to make sure you will not have any problems 888 801 6558 If you got your green card through your employer they will ask you questions about your employment. Citizenship and Immigration Services USCIS in the United States the case is processed through the National Visa Center NVC . most green card applicants do not qualify to receive the benefits included in the new rule . For some the path towards citizenship let alone a green card can May 10 2019 Go to the website to see if you were selected to receive a green card and what the next steps are. You may be able to get legal permanent resident status in the U. 4 of their paychecks. Citizenship Exam with our free citizenship practice tests updated for 2020 Use our free actual official citizenship questions and answers to prepare for the US naturalization test. A conditional green card with a 2 year expiration date. The questions that an immigration official will ask you during the marriage interview fall into 4 main categories i. The Immigration official can talk to the couple together or separate and to videotape the couple as the answer the questions. Jan 01 2020 US Citizenship Test Study Guide 2020 and 2021 Naturalization Test Prep Book for all 100 USCIS Civics Questions and Answers 2nd Edition APEX Test Prep 4. Green Card with Marriage When I Can Apply for U. State Department that gives 50 000 random people a chance to get a permanent resident visa in the U. If your marriage is valid and you do not have all the requested documentation be prepared to explain why certain documetation is missing. Great news A U. The DV Program randomly selects up to 50 000 applicants from qualifying countries to immigrate to the US. In other words they are sham marriages contracted for the Jan 09 2020 In this practice test we have picked some questions from various topic you will be asked if you were looking to get your green CSCS card as a labourer these include General responsibilities Accident reporting and recording Health and Welfare First aid and emergency procedures Personal protective equipment and Dust and Fumes Respiratory After March 6 2017 all adjustment of status applicants must be interviewed by an officer unless the interview is waived by USCIS. If you do not bring all of the required documents to the interview the questions will be more difficult and the USCIS officer will attempt to determine if the marriage is valid or fraudulent. If you fail to pass the citizenship test then your Application will be rejected and you 39 ll need to apply again and pay a If you are a non US citizen or permanent resident green card holder that needs to know crime or DUI immigration consequences this guide is for you. Usually this is a brief question and answer. Documents That Prove Identity Driver 39 s license. Listen to the Questions Asked and Respond Appropriately. However many green card holders can choose to apply for the spouse or children and update their application after becoming a U. 6 which also indicates that interviews Jan 31 2019 The 2020 World 39 s Most Valuable Brands. To tackle the difficulty level of the exam you need to take the CDS mock test 2020. Glassdoor Free company interview questions and reviews for 1 393 000 companies. Feb 06 2020 Do you want to become a U. Because this is a practice interview you may skip on any question you do not feel comfortable answering. To pass the civics test in English you must answer six of the 10 questions correctly. Common Questions. Apr 23 2020 EB 5 is the cash for green card program where investors have to invest 1. 4 Feb 2015 How to Prepare for a Green Card Marriage Interview In nearly all cases marriage based adjustment of status cases for Common Immigration nbsp Some Green Card Marriage Interviews Have Unhappy Endings. Under current interpretation green card holders may become deportable as public charges only if they use cash welfare or are institutionalized in long term care funded by the government. citizens and only then sponsor their spouses and children as the process is much faster for U. What is available suggests that there are Green Card Application for a Child of U. These questions will be similar to your university application essays and interviews. 77 MB allows you to live and work permanently in the United States. The immigration interview is a serious official and formal situation and I strongly recommend that you dress conservatively for the interview. I 39 m current 30 about to be 31 in Nov 2020 and I forgot to apply for naturalization till now and realized I didn 39 t even know I had to register for selective service because I was 25 when I got the green card. The Green Card Lottery is the Diversity Immigrant Visa Program. Clients often ask who is required to pay for fees associated with an H 1B or a green card obtained through an employer. You need to get at least 6 questions correct in order to pass the test. I applied online. MT. we aim to answer your most important questions and provide you and our audience around the world with information that has the Aug 29 2015 Generally I 485 interview is waived for most applicants. I d like to share some information about the interview process. O. The questions usually focus on salary expectations qualifications experience and work history. As expected in all adjustment of status interviews the officer verified his documents and asked him questions. com With this the interview concluded as she explained to us that we would know the decision within 30 days and if approved my green card would be under conditional status for 2 years and that it was our responsibility to file for form I 751 within 90 days BEFORE the expiration of my temporary green card. Often USCIS will take several months to just mail out your Notice of Decision and sometimes your green card can take even longer. Waiver applications are more heavily scrutinized and typically require an interview to be conducted however waiver applications are not always scheduled for an interview. Citizenship and Immigration Services USCIS if you 39 re adjusting status in the United States. citizen adjusting status 250 Eb1 Green Card Interview Questions and Answers Question1 What is EB 1 immigrant visa petition Question2 What is the qualifying relationship between the U. The USCIS will also notify you of a time and place to be interviewed. Very helpful indeed. 1 May 2018 While the interview questions may be varied depending upon the will take upon adjustment of status upon obtaining a green card and the nbsp 1 Sep 2011 Eltinge. Conditional Green Card Apr 19 2018 The immigrant could also be barred from getting a marriage based green card ever again. The interview can be conducted in many ways. For USA Green Card Winners Years 2018 2017 2016 Get Ready For DV Interview. Chen will speak about her new book Pursuing Citizenship in the Enforcement Era in conversation with Helen Thorpe at a virtual event hosted by the Boulder Book Store on Thursday Sept. I want to give you a quick and easy way to get started preparing for your job interview and of course that begins with learning how to answer the most common job interview questions for 2020 04 23 2020 EAD AP combo card received. Candidates those who aspire to obtain a career in the Indian army should practice these CDS test series online to get a perfect score and derive maximum marks to crack the cut off with ease. citizen who is seeking to help their parents spouse or dependents obtain green cards then you probably already suspect that they will probably have to go through an interview in order to fulfill all of the requirements. Japan BrandVoice 2020 11 52pm EST. Mar 16 2020 Last updated on March 16th 2020 at 07 13 am. 2020 Berardi Immigration Law nbsp The interview usually takes place from 3 months after your application is filed. An Application to Replace Permanent Resident Card or Form I 90 is a US Citizenship and Immigration Services USCIS form which allows applicants to obtain replace or renew a green card. If you have any concerns you should speak with a local Immigration Attorney or you may call Fickey Martinez Law Firm P. Last Updated Sep 6 2020 The I 485 interview is used to verify if you truly are eligible for a green card. then you must know that it isn 39 t just about filling forms after you have done some formalities an officer will nbsp Marriage Based Green Card Interview Questions and Supporting Documents Istomin Questions and Supporting Documents Paperback August 27 2020. They are not interrelated. Name Change and the Green Card Things to Know Feb 23 2015 Applying for a green card through marriage means being asked questions about how when and where you and your S. These results will only be valid for 3 6 months. Browse more Jan 26 2018 Coming late for your marriage green card interview is surely going to leave the wrong impression. Feb 07 2020 You can also apply for your green card without your medical exam with the intention of getting the exam to complete the application. S can sponsor you 2 you can also have a job in the U. This Google translation feature provided on the Employment Development Department EDD website is for informational purposes only. What is the difference what is better for you Aug 15 2019 So what are we to make of the so called green card rule It is despite the false claims of the Democrats and the media perfectly consistent with 140 years of U. Issues at your interview can lead to a second far more probing and intensive interview and unannounced home visits from the US Department of Homeland Security. Contact us any time with any question. Situational quests that deal with clients needs. In fact there s reason to get excited. You may also be requested to appear at a USCIS office for an interview if you are applying for I 765 employment authorization. while it is important that you pay attention to the answers interviewers give in response to your interview questions you never DV 2021 Green Card Winners How to Apply for ESTA VISA USA Green Card Lottery COVID 19 Green Card Photo Requirements USA Citizenship Interview 2020 Diversity Visa Program Apply Today Top 10 Reasons to Move to the USA Get a job in United States 2020 read more news and blog Mar 16 2020 Last updated on March 16th 2020 at 07 13 am. immigration policy. This is the big moment where all applicants that applied can check their status using the Green Card Lottery Winner Status system provide by US Green Card Office from May 7 2019 if they applied last year for the DV 2020 Diversity visa Program also know as the Green Card Lottery. Green Card by Marriage. This is commonly known as the marriage based green card interview. citizen you may no longer be eligible for citizenship if you divorced them between the application and the interview. Marriage fraud interview usually happen on any of the following situation Interview by USCIS on the first notice for interview. m. She USCIS wouldn 39 t send any kind of Oct 29 2019 AOS Interview Questions By Techniix October 29 2019 in Adjustment of Status Green Card from K1 and K3 Family Based Visas Register to Reply or Ask a Question May 16 2013 Sample Questions For Green Card Interview When your application is based upon your marriage to a U. We provide professional service and legal expertise similar to large firms while ensuring personal attention compassion and accessibility of a small law practice. Form I 90. GreenCardInterviewQuestions AdjustmentofStatus FormI 485 Hope this video will give you atleast an idea on what to expect for your green card interview. for your green card interview in your home country you ll be barred from returning for three years. in a Short Time 6 28 2020 This practice test contains 20 questions. Who We Are. I 485 USCIS Interview Waiver Can My Green Card USCIS Interview Be Waived After you file a form I 485 green card application for permanent residence you may receive a notice in the mail from the US Citizenship and Immigration Services USCIS advising you that you are required to attend an interview at the local USCIS district office where you will be questioned by an immigration officer. Is the employer required to pay for everything or can the employee pay in If any of the above questions worry you why take unnecessary risks To be on the safe side you should seek legal counsel familiar with green card issues before filing an application. . Ensure you are the venue at least 30 minutes before the interview. Aug 19 2020 Last Modified Date August 19 2020 Green card interview questions are generally designed to test the knowledge of people who would like to permanently move from their country of origin to the United States. Green card lottery applicants whose entries are selected must attend a visa interview. At the interview the consular officer will question your foreign spouse in detail in order to determine the legitimacy of your marriage. The process entails filing an application fingerprinting an interview an English and civics test and an oath. Cards with a 2 year expiration date have conditions and should not be re verified if unexpired when presented for Form I 9 . What I Should Do If I Want to Travel Overseas While Waiting for Green Card 8 2 2020 I Have Received U. Jul 09 2015 For example as of March 3 2020 the last time we made significant edits to this article the average waiting time for most green cards is between 9 and 13 months. on EB3 visa Question5 What is the definition of professional After the National Visa Center NVC schedules your visa interview appointment they will send you your petitioner and your agent attorney if applicable an email noting the appointment date and time. Mar 15 2012 Green Card Interview. It involves filing a Form I 485 Application to Register Permanent Residence or Adjust Status Form I 130 Petition for Alien Relative submitting an affidavit of support and attending a green card interview. If an interview is required with the USCIS the applicant will be informed of this with another Notice of Action. After you have completed the steps on the Immigrant Visa Process on the U. Citizenship from the time you apply. Aug 26 2020 Common requests for immigration attorneys include permanent resident or green card petition naturalization the process of becoming a citizen employee based petition work visa filing petition for family help dealing with detention or deportation and replacement extension or change to a current visa green card or work permit. Citizenship and Immigration Services USCIS grants a person a permanent resident card commonly called a quot Green Card. Always be sure to provide details to the specifics of each question nbsp By Michael Niren February 4 2020 4 min. After you send your family based adjustment of status application packet to U. Now that you know what a marriage green card interview is really like. In the quest to travel to the United States you have obtained renewed your international passport applied for the US visa type suitable for the purpose of your trip and acquired other relevant documents and are now prepping to cross the last hurdle attending visa interview at As with interview questions certain questions such as those related to religion arrest record and year of graduation from high school or college should be avoided on application forms. During the naturalization interview the USCIS officer asked the applicant 10 questions about his or her knowledge of the United States. 2020 without an interview. We offer a professional service for application preparation review submission and tracking that requires payment of a fee. Under this rule those applying for a green card or visa through USCIS will be required to show that they are not likely to become a public charge in the future. How do I know if I need to renew my Green Card Green Cards issued since 1989 have an expiration date on the front of the card that indicates a 10 year validity before Green Card renewal is required. Mine was one of these. The immigration interview can be the most difficult part of the application process. Nov 04 2019 Then 10 days later the green card arrived in the mail. 26 Feb 2020 The Green Card Interview when based on marriage focuses on the validity and strength of the marriage. S citizens. marriage based green card interview questions It 39 s not uncommon for a United States citizen to begin and continue a relationship with nbsp Below we 39 ve prepared a list of the most common questions that are asked during the interview as well as some useful tips. The prospective questions for the fiance visa interview can and should be prepared in advance. Spouse and Children of US Citizen Unmarried Son or Daughter of USC Married Son or Daughter of USC Parent of US Citizen Brother or Sister of US Citizen Spouse and Children of PR Jan 08 2018 The immigration interview questions that are more intimidating are those asked during Green Card applications based on marriage to a U. LPR who has been outside of the United States for less than one year and whose permanent resident card has been lost must request a boarding foil interview. Recommended Reading Box My Fianc Entered With A Visa Many Years Ago. Citizen the interview is of crucial importance. The citizenship process actually starts when you first get your US green card. Results will only be available online at the State Department website. Citizenship and Immigration Services USCIS will review your case to decide if an interview is necessary. Recently USCIS April 13 2020. Some questions that U. A man wanting to stay in the US enters into a marriage of convenience but it turns into more than that. Report. So long as couples do The judge too may also ask questions. Oct 08 2015 Before the interview you or your registered attorney will receive a notice from USCIS telling you the time date and location of your naturalization interview. You will need to be present at the interview as well as your spouse and children as applicable who are applying for a diversity immigrant visa. How To Apply For The Green Card Lottery. Aug 05 2015 Sample interview questions for Green Card . For your real interview you will have to give an answer that matches what you wrote in your N 400 Application. 5 Sep 2018 Are you preparing for a family based green card interview This list of sample questions can help you test your memory and get you prepared. Our Green Card Lottery Experts are here to make sure you have the best chance of winning a green card in the DV 2022 lottery draw. Be confident and always answer in a straightforward manner. Voices Of Success. Canada. The green card tracker is designed to calculate your place in line for a green card. If the visa is approved then the CO will give the Applicant an Approval Letter talk about Green Card fees and return the original documents except the passport and medical envelope. Previous Next Questions 1 8 Questions 9 16 Questions 17 24 Questions 25 32 Questions 33 40 Questions 41 48 Questions 49 56 Questions 57 64 Questions 65 72 Questions 73 80 Questions 81 88 Questions 89 96 Questions 97 104 Questions 105 112 Questions 113 120 Questions 121 128 Questions 129 136 Bleeding Green Nation a Philadelphia Eagles community. Make sure to also check out our guide to questions on a green card Feb 21 2020 Hi Guys Welcome to our channel. Sep 05 2020 In Green Card by Kumar Updated September 1 2020 14 Comments We have created this page to track latest news updates related to S. Interview scheduled are notified in monthly batches about 6 weeks before the interview month. This year I also applied for the passport and got it and then took vacation to Bahamas. The first is through adjustment of status. Samples of questions that you are likely to face in this interview is here for you to learn from. It will also include a list of materials that you should bring with you to the interview. Applying for a Green Card Through Your Employer Gladstein amp Messinger P. quot The new Public Charge rule will apply only to applications and petitions postmarked or submitted electronically to USCIS on or after February 24 2020. Green card application process requires filing petitions in these two stages Petition I 140 Immigrant Petition for Alien Worker Petition I 485 Adjustment of Status Both might be submitted together concurrent filing or separately non concurrent filing . consulate or embassy or a USCIS Sep 29 2017 The USCIS estimates that only 5 10 of employment based green card applications required an in person interview under the previous policy. I can give you my experience. Minimum Income Requirement for K1 Visas and K3 Visas. Embassy Madrid Consular Affairs We understand your concern regarding visas and travel in light of the coronavirus COVID 19 pandemic. New Posts Petition diversity lottery 2020 by DRAMA2RG The Green Card Forum uses cookies. Immigration lawyers call the policy change which kicks in today another brick in Trump Asked March 26 2020 Lots of waiting for quot good quot batches in the Tucson area. There is a mistake on their card. D. With G rard Depardieu Andie MacDowell Bebe Neuwirth Gregg Edelman. Typically a green card is issued for a 10 year period and then expires. A permanent Green Card is provided to lawful permanent residents and it comes with a 10 year validity. 80. Are an LPR who has an expired Green Card with a two year expiration date and you also have Form I 797 Notice of Action showing that you filed a Form I 751 Petition to Remove Conditions on Residence or Form I 829 Petition by Entrepreneur to Remove Conditions on Permanent Resident Status and you have been outside of the U. Having a Green Card officially known as a Permanent Resident Card PDF 6. But fewer than 1 of applicants were previously disqualified on public charge grounds. Stokes interview Trump H1B 2020 Update On June 22nd 2020 President Trump suspended the entry of certain I applied online. Form I 130 Green Card Family. Green Card application I 485 discussion forum and check green card status for those who have filed green card application I 485 application and green card status tracker With this the interview concluded as she explained to us that we would know the decision within 30 days and if approved my green card would be under conditional status for 2 years and that it was our responsibility to file for form I 751 within 90 days BEFORE the expiration of my temporary green card. A Chinese green card can also be used separately as a legal certificate to stay in Beijing. The requirement for these interviews is set under 8 CFR 245. of Questions. To pass the applicant must have got 6 10 questions correct. Jul 27 2016 Common interview questions available in this article are NOT solely intended for the Schengen visa interview hence they are usable for any type of visa interview of any world country. 4. Make sure to also check out our guide nbsp 10 Feb 2020 Today I 39 m sharing with you my experience with the green card interview It wasn 39 t easy and It was LONG But I wanna give you some tips too If nbsp Here 39 s a list of the types of questions you might be asked at your green card marriage interview. Immigration law allows foreign nationals to obtain Green Card aka Permenant Residency in the USA through Employment. We recommend that you talk with an expert for advice on your case before making any decisions about enrolling in health coverage. After you receive an interview Appointment Letter from NVC you must take the following steps BEFORE the interview date. Supporting documents such as Photos nbsp Posted on June 5 2020. Jan 21 2020 List of the most common immigration interview questions based on marriage. This can only be done if the nonimmigrant spouse is inside the United States. A Green Card medical exam must be performed by a doctor who is authorized by USCIS otherwise referred to as an authorized civil surgeon. My Form I 485 was approved 4. All Necessary Information Here Prior to your interview ensure you have followed the U. I recently helped a client in Indianapolis with a green card application for her husband who is from Afghanistan. On December 21 2018 our client was interviewed at the Columbus OH USCIS. green card interview. What is your name How old are you Age Where are you going Which country are you flying to The Family Preference visas have an F prefix. 386 HR. Check one box for each question asked. How can I re enter the United States Am I out of status I have a Green Card but I have been outside of the United States for over a year. Logo Written response to a customer service inquiry Answer Question. Choose a candidate for the position. MDT. questions the point that newly Aug 05 2020 Thank you I have to say THANK YOU for starting this podcast and for continuously updating the content. The spouse visa is only for foreign spouses of U. Receipt of Green Card 1 4 weeks This post will detail the top 70 stokes interview questions that may be asked so that you can prepare for it if you are unlucky enough to be selected. Follow Bleeding Green Nation online 2020 6 22pm EDT new new. During the interview applicants will be asked in English up to 10 questions from a list of 100 common citizenship interview questions. As such it can be a stressful moment to prepare for especially since it seems like you need to bring half your house along with you. The DV 2020 entry period opened on October 3 2018 and closed on November 6 2018. Apr 13 2020 Jurisprudence Coronavirus Diaries My Green Card Interview Was Canceled I haven t been home in more than four years and I have no idea when I ll be able to visit again. This means that you can live and work on a permanent basis in the U. People applying for Green card renewal DACA renewal TPS U or T Visas Asylum or Refugee status Special Immigrant Juvenile Status or VAWA. On the plus side you Contact middot Login. The Steps to Get a Green Card. C. Sep 03 2020 If you were contacted with your case number and application instructions before March 20 2020 you can use this time to collect the supporting documents that will be needed for your visa interview. Submit an application to the INS If you got your green card through a marriage to a U. Citizen How Could I Come to the U. Aug 09 2019 I was notified that my marriage based green card interview has been scheduled next month. then you must know that it isn t just about filling forms after you have done some formalities an officer will come an interview you. Green Card Questions remain about how Melania recieved her green card. Federal or state I. Apr 13 2020 Chen will deliver a virtual Colorado Law Talk titled Pursuing Citizenship in the Enforcement Era on Thursday Sept. lawful permanent residence whether you are applying at an overseas U. The steps you must take to apply for a Green Card will vary depending on your individual situation. 9. Green Card Lottery Results. In order to participate the first step is to fill out the online Canada Green Card Membership application form. SGM Law Group PLLC is an immigration law firm that strives to provide high quality legal representation to each and every client. May 11 2013 Interview questions and answers Page 1Top 9 Green card interview questions answers Slideshare uses cookies to improve functionality and performance and to provide you with relevant advertising. Permanent Green Card. Call RapidVisa today at 800 872 1458. 4 Interview The CO would proceed to ask questions. immigration question. So stop packing your bags. W. Hi Guys Green Card Interview Experienced January 07 2020 at 7am ApprovedGreenCardInterview Requirements for Green Card Interview https youtu. Waiver applications filed by the green card holder alone may take anywhere from 8 12 months to process. Eventually on the same day of the interview USCIS approved our client s adjustment of status application and issued a green card. Employment or family based visa interviews are some of the more well known interviews. How do I receive permission to re enter the United States The higher your position the greater your chances of receiving a green card. Feb 20 2020 If you meet the green card test at any time during the calendar year but do not meet the substantial presence test for that year your residency starting date is the first day on which you are present in the United States as a Lawful Permanent Resident. consulate abroad in which case the U. Pack a valid passport and another form of ID like a driver 39 s license or ID card. We know that the next step is his interview at the U. You should be candid with the interviewing officer. New Immigrant and Green Card Holders usually confuse Social Security Benefits with Medicare. Let 39 s review a few key points. Mar 11 2018 The arrest of undocumented immigrants who are regularly checking in with the government on a path toward legal status marks is a new and aggressive tactic by federal authorities immigration The US immigration service receives many forms every day. Now i live in Indiana The U. However earnings that exceed 137 700 in 2020 are not taxed by Social Security or used to calculate retirement payments. General Waiver Categories Getting ready for a marriage based green card interview This might take place at a U. Sep 01 2019 It is rare to find a person who is not at least a little bit nervous when it comes to facing an immigration interview. Sample interview questions for Green Card . Rajiv S. Employment Based Green Card Overview September 17 2020 12 30 pm EST Dial in No 202 800 8394 . Healthcare. This path to a Green Card will adjust your status to an IR 1 visa or a spouse visa. 16 Jan 2020 If you about get a green card for U. I sponsored my husband marriage based . Copyright 2009 2020 BYOBWebsite. The Green Card obtained through this method initially is a conditional Green Card similar to a marriage based Green Card. Apr 30 2019 Almost everyone must go through an interview during the adjustment of status process. How Do I Acquire One Green Card Marriage Interview in the U. A Stokes Interview in a marriage based green card application process is referring to an interview when the husband and wife are questioned separately and their answers are compared by an immigration officer to determine whether the marriage was entered into in good faith. Employment Expats without residency permits and who come to study in schools are not allowed by law to Illegal interview questions at a glance. Aug 16 2020 The green card lottery or quot Diversity Immigrant Visa Program quot is a path from F1 to green card directly that makes up to 50 000 immigrant visas available annually drawn by random selection among all entries to individuals who are from countries with low rates of immigration to the United States. however as long as you worked for the employer for some period and can give a reasonable explanation for leaving the position the fact that you did not stay with the employer long should not be a bar to Mar 18 2015 If there is a foreseeable conflict that would prevent one or both spouses from attending the interview the parties should request that the interview be rescheduled well in advance. There are surprisingly few up to date reviews of the interview process with Ernst amp Young this might be a firm policy. What is H1B Visa A non immigrant visa issued by the United States of America the H1B visa allows companies in the US to employ foreign workers in occupations that necessitate the knowledge and technical expertise in specialized areas such as engineering architecture Oct 19 2019 Introducing Interview Questions and Answers application with interview tips aptitude logical reasoning test verbal test HR Tips tell me about yourself Mathematics Formula Solved Problems human resources questions and General Knowledge Questions. Please comment below. 07 10 2020 I 485 approved with interview waived and card ordered. Currently it takes about 6 months to a year to get U. Trump 04 23 2020 EAD AP combo card received. It is important to properly prepare for your marriage green card interview or you nbsp Now let 39 s get started. You will be asked certain green card interview questions by a USCIS officer who will also review your application to determine if you are eligible for the green card. territory permission to start own business and create own corporation ability to legal enter leave the U. Identify who will be on the selection committee. USA Green Card 207 Massachusetts Avenue 1117 Apr 17 2019 Remember that these are only a few possible questions you may be asked during your asylum interview and that interviews generally last around two hours or more. Once issued your Green Card will be valid for 10 years. Dear Sophie How should I prepare for a green card interview Dear Sophie Immigration By S A July 31 2020 Leave a comment Photo by Joey Csunyo on Unsplash Here s another edition of Dear Sophie the advice column that answers immigration related questions about working at technology companies. 5 years ago 9 views. immigration authorities will ask at your green card interview are straightforward and easy but others could lead to trouble. Heather then applied for Maria s green card based on this approval and Heather and Maria appeared together at Maria s green card interview. Gradeup Green Card. Important Update New Guidelines for Green Card Interviews During COVID 19 in 2020. Feb 04 2020 An important rule The border crosser or undocumented immigrant must leave the US to obtain an immigrant visa abroad when ineligible to apply for a green card in the US. Jun 24 2020 Tough interview questions vary widely between industries but there are several tough questions employers commonly use to learn more about you as a candidate. S citizenship if eligible. What is the marriage green card interview The final step in the marriage green card process is the interview. If someone has stolen your green card you may be the victim of identity theft. 3 at 5 p. The officer will also review the attached documents and your I 140 petition to determine if all the information provided by you is Print this information to take with you to your interview. Trump tweeted Monday night that he planned to sign an order to temporarily suspend immigration into the United States White House and Homeland Security Department officials were left to play catch up unable to answer questions about what the president intended. read. He submitted all necessary documents to the National Visa Center. DV2020 interviews will continue until September 30th 2020. Rehearsing answers with your other half beforehand can reveal surprising differences of imagination particularly in a relationship that like mine had booze soaked beginnings. Can He Get A Green Card My Green Card Interview Is Coming Up Soon. Can I see your passport and petition Why do you want to go to USA As of 2013 Permanent Residents or Green Card Holders need 1160 of earnings to get 1 credit. July 27 2020. A Public Charge rule can apply when they try to return. 25 Feb 2020 Green card interview questions for spouses tend to dig a little deeper than typical February 25 2020 Apply for Green Card Couple with consular officer doing a green card interview reviewing questions for spouses. The web pages currently in English on the EDD website are the official and accurate source for the program information and services the EDD provides. Depends on how you are applying. If you have already been married for two years when you are interviewed for your initial green card that card will be permanent. Listen closely and carefully to the questions that the USCIS officer is asking you. If one of dependent child is about to reach 21 years of age and seeks immigrant status as the dependent beneficiary of either family based or employment based immigration it is the USCIS practice to take such case as the quot top priority quot case and expedite the process so that the Green Card applications for the Sep 12 2019 The interview questions of EY. Let me share my experience on how to prepare for it. Married to a U. Any unanswered questions or incomplete answers on the application are resolved at the interview. Hope to get it within 3 business days I m happy to answer any generic questions that don t divulge my personal information and please don t DM me. Once you have permanent residence status you are allowed to stay in the US permanently. Ici la Green Card n est plus du ressort de l USCIS United States Citizenship and Immigration Services mais du Congr s am ricain House of Representatives ou le S nat . It may increase your chances for success. S citizen. Family Based Green Card Green card for Husband or Wife. Jul 06 2020 The NEXUS card will be recognized by the Global Entry kiosks in Canada Preclearance locations only. If you are immigrating to Canada nbsp Questions about your study plans. You should frame your answer according to your experience and data available to you. Jun 30 2019 A cordial style interview is usually a friendlier and quicker interview process. Lost or Stolen Green Card. This step could further slow down the green card process that is already slow. Read this and get confident to answer the questions asked in an interview During the deportation proceeding the couple has yet another opportunity to present their case to the judge and be granted the Green card. Green card for Sibling. As a result separation does not automatically lead to a denial of your permanent residence application. The interview at the US Consulate is part of the immigration process. Green card holders may opt to wait to become U. Chicago interview . In your real citizenship interview you will be asked several questions about personal information from the N 400. What is US Green Card and what are the benefits Green Card is a document which gives benefits permission for legal residence in U. Following your interview you will be provided a Notice of Interview Results nbsp 8 Oct 2019 The ACLU says a growing number of immigration officers have quot cruelly their quot green card quot interview a crucial step in obtaining lawful status in the United States . employer and the organization abroad Question3 What privileges do I enjoy on EB 1 Employment based immigrant visa Question4 What is the definition of multinational Question5 What is the definition of extraordinary ability 250 Eb3 Green Card Interview Questions and Answers Question1 What is EB 3 Employment based immigrant visa Question2 What are the various categories under the EB 3 visa Question3 How can I appeal a denial of my Form 1 140 Immigrant Petition for Alien Worker petition Question4 Can I bring my dependents into the U. Armed Services identification card or draft record. citizen If so you must pass the mandatory US Citizenship Naturalization Test. In this form we requests personal educational and technical information which will allow CIFA Canada Green Card to provide an appropriate assessment evaluation and to efficiently provide its services. Embassy or Consulate interview preparation instructions. Dec nbsp 29 Sep 2017 Questions related to the applicant 39 s admissibility such as any arrests or misrepresentations made to an immigration officer Questions related to nbsp . Questions can focus on the history of the couple s relationship their daily activities as a wife and husband and their future plans as a couple. Khanna US Immigration Attorney hosts a Free Community Conference Call for all of you every other Thursday at 12 30 PM Eastern Standard Time to answer US immigration related questions Dial in No 202 800 8394. August 27 2020 If you have an employer in the United States you may be able to get your lawful permanent residence status green card through that employer. Aug 14 2018 Couples who use marriage as the basis to obtain a green card must convince the U. The Green Card Lottery Interview. This is basically to see if the applicant isn t something any fraud to get the green card. The notice is normally issued two to eight weeks prior to the interview. Typically ranging anywhere from 30 minutes to an hour. Citizenship for VAWA Green Card Holders The Violence Against Women Act VAWA provides protection for foreign nationals who suffered from domestic violence in the U. In the recent letter from her lawyer which this new AP story now confirms was full of falsehoods Melania claims for the first time ever to Cases Processed through the National Visa Center If the petition is filed with the U. citizens and foreign nationals are fradulent. S Jan 11 2019 You will begin the EB 5 Interview process by first filing the DS 260 form online which will begin the Consular Processing process to get you on track to obtain your green card. What Green Card is a 1990 romantic comedy film written produced and directed by Peter Weir and starring G rard Depardieu and Andie MacDowell. Green Card Marriage Interview in the U. Mar 16 2017 Yes you can. then the foreign Questions can focus on for example the history of your relationship your daily activities as a married couple and your future plans together. If you are nervous about your green card by marriage interview you are not alone. Usually the alien beneficiary would expect to answer between five and ten questions. Now i live in Indiana Sample U. Replace your Green Card for a number of reasons If you are have applied for lawful permanent residence a green card within the United States through the procedure known as quot adjustment of status quot you are likely as the last step in your application process to be called in for an interview by U. She is holding Conditional Green Card 2 years but it will expire in 3 months from now. Jul 08 2020 Renew Green Card Once you ve been given a US immigration visa you are deemed qualified to apply for a green card but the truth is the green card isn t permanent at a given period of time it is renewed for validity and this validity period is fixed by the US government. Before it expires the Green Card needs to be renewed. in which case your employer sponsors you your case strengthens if you have a technical degree and 3 you can obtain enough capital to invest in the U. including more than 1 600 in D. Common R 1 Visa Questions Green Card Marriage. Apr 21 2020 Frequently Asked Questions. Workers who USCIS Interview Expectations Marriage Based Visa amp Green Card. Nobody ever thought that you can get to see your green card faster than normal in Coronvirus national emergency. Feb 02 2012 USCIS wants to make sure that you were still together when you received your permanent green card. If the officer Apr 19 2018 The immigrant could also be barred from getting a marriage based green card ever again. School I. The interview enables USCIS to verify important information about the applicant to determine eligibility for adjustment. Form I 485 Adjustment of Status. M T W T F S S. It is estimated that at least 1 out of 7 marriages between U. This means all cases that are from your country and in the same employment based category but have an priority date earlier than yours. There have been reported delays on receiving Green Cards from many applicants and the reason could be USCIS 39 s recent green card printing back up Jul 30 2020 In the past green card applicants who relied on social services as their primary means of financial support or were institutionalized could be denied permanent residency under what is known as the public charge rule. The actual civics test is NOT a multiple choice test. On the US Citizenship Test you 39 ll be asked up to 10 questions from a list of 100 questions. quot While the interview usually includes basic questions about Jan 08 2020 After the I 485 interview is concluded without issues and if the priority date of the primary applicant is not current USCIS will hold the case in abeyance until the priority date becomes current and an immigrant visa becomes available. DO follow the directions of the USCIS officer. Instead experts say it 39 s all about how you go about If your Green Card is about to or has already expired you need to complete Form I 90 to renew it. A permanent Green Card holder can also apply for U. You should be able to respond to questions about your forms without extensive referencing and confusion. Green card for Child. Green Card Application. Due to covid 19 risks while travelling we decided to file for her I 539 application to Extend Change Nonimmigrant status on 22 Aug 2020. By the end of the interview the agent made it seem like she would recommend Viviana s dad s green card application for approval. They received everything from us on October 19 2017. In some cases theft means a green card is not received. I would like to know how in this corona virus crisis how I Our Green Card Lottery Experts are ready to answer any questions or any concerns that you might have regarding the DV 2022 Lottery. My approval notice has been sent on mail. While there is no official policy or memorandum waiving the interview requirement for employment based green card applicants USCIS has been doing just that. Be prepared to get tricky questions. citizen or permanent resident. I already did my interview passed and also attended the ceremony in 2016 in Rhode island. Jul 19 2005 We will be watching this forum throughout Coronavirus Covid emergencies to post information and to answer your questions about affected US immigration and visas Pass the Citizenship Test amp Interview DVD Green Card. When fiance petition process is finished you need to pass the interview. They are now nbsp 27 Jan 2017 as these tips on how to best prepare for the green card interview Expect Many Personal Questions in Marriage Based Visa Interviews. government introduced a new citizenship test. At the interview the consular officer will question your foreign nbsp Updated March 5 2020. You also may not be eligible for citizenship if you have committed certain crimes between the application and the interview. Translation no shorts or flip flops. Questions are usually asked about U. 2 b 9 provides that quot the applicant petitioner sponsor beneficiary or other individual may appear as requested by USCIS or prior to the dates and Apr 21 2020 Roughly 358 000 green card applications could be affected. The Green Card marriage interview questions are designed to determine how well you know your spouse and that you have a bona fide marriage. Interview Questions and Answer app has numerous questions in different areas. As a fairly new immigration attorney who is a solo practitioner from day one the content of your podcast has truly helped me become not only a better attorney by avoiding the rookie mistakes but also run a successful business while not losing sight of my personal life. Elle peut tre accord e plusieurs personnes ayant accompli de hauts faits dans le domaine de l humanitaire. The first step is to participate in the current Green Card Lottery. UPDATED JANUARY 2020 If you or a family member will have a visa or green card application processed outside of the U. Green Card Interview Questions Are you pondering on the kind of questions that you will face when going for your Green Card Worry less for this article will be a source of big help to you. If you have any query about H4 visa interview questions and answers. The interview also allows the government to ask questions that will test if your marriage is real or a sham marriage. 7 out of 5 stars 88 How to avoid common pitfalls with interview answers and use every response to position yourself as a top candidate Learn the psychology and nuances behind interview questions that most candidates miss these are what get program directors excited to give you a coveted residency spot. During the deportation proceeding the couple has yet another opportunity to present their case to the judge and be granted the Green card. met. However preparation and follow through with an awareness of what common questions that may arise Aug 03 2020 An I. First the natives of some countries are excluded from this year 39 s green card lottery. We have some of the best in house immigration lawyers working 24 7 to assist you with your green card application. By Jeff Gillis. QUESTIONS. A Schengen Visa interview isn t only a meeting where you provide supporting documents for a visa application to a visa official of a respective country. Green Card Lottery Jul 28 2020 Big Roger Goodell gets up there with the card the commissioner. at 910 526 0066. The interviewing officer s primary goal is to assess the authenticity of the marriage. 8 CFR 103. USCIS Receipt Notice issued 2 weeks Mar 27 2018 Arrive at least 15 minutes early to your interview. Footer Navigation. 1 Feb 2018 Official US Green Card Lottery 2020 for DV Lottery 2022 Diversity Immigrant Visa Lottery Registration Entry is Open Now on www. It doesn 39 t have to be Canadian Embassy Interview Questions for Spouse Visa When where and nbsp 250 Eb3 Green Card Interview Questions and Answers Question1 What is EB 3 Employment based immigrant visa Question2 What are the various nbsp All you need to know about green card interview process. However you should not attempt to book a medical examination or visa interview date yet because it is not currently possible for K 1 visas to be Jan 23 2018 Bring copies all of your forms and all your document originals. 20 Jan 2020 Interviews previously were routinely required only for those applying based on marriage to a U. The Nurse Green Card Application Process if the Nurse is Outside the U. Finally one way to get a Green Card if you are an international student is to marry a U. immigration authorities that their marriage is real or quot bona fide. Military physicians are also authorized to perform a Green Card medical exam at a military treatment facility within the US providing the applicant is a US veteran member of the US armed forces or a Feb 18 2018 Immigration interview is a mandatory part of an international trip. citizens. We hope that this information will help answer your questions. F1 Visa Interview Experience Fall 2019 Review Analysis and Lessons Learned US Green Card May 07 2020 Every year more than 700 000 green card holders are naturalized in the U. Interview. I have an open criminal case with an accepted repleader deal harassment violation to be reduced to disorderly conduct in early 2020. The Sanchezes were nervous but hopeful as they told their interviewer how they met and answered questions. As proof of that status U. The process of a green card marriage may lead to several interviews with the immigration authorities where the couple may fall under suspicion of a false relationship or a fake marriage. Jan 08 2020 The U. There was originally an assault misdemeanor but this was dropped. If approved the applicant can visit the local USCIS office to have their passport stamped with a temporary green card stamp. quot If the immigration officer suspects that the marriage was entered into solely for the purpose of obtaining a green card a second interview will be scheduled to provide the couple with another chance to prove that their marriage is not a sham. The interview can be highly stressful even if the marriage Mar 02 2020 If you stay more than 180 days after your visa expires when you leave the U. Then we explore examples of tough interview questions with sample answers. Nov 08 2012 Sample Questions for Marriage I130 and I485 Green Card Interviews by JP Sarmiento on November 8 2012 The final step in the marriage based green card process the I 130 and I 485 based on marriage to a U. You can check your Green Card status online Learn more Now however with the combination of Covid 19 and the Green Card suspension we have every reason to believe that F2A will remain 39 current 39 at least until the end of the present Fiscal Year in September 2020 gt only the 5 of F2A applicants who file from within the United States can have an interview scheduled at the moment so that is not The Green Card and Green Card Renewal Application Process Applying for a Green Card is a complex process and there are numerous ways to get a US Green Card. Oct 15 2019 I am a U. by filing a self petition on Form I 360 or submitting a VAWA waiver with Form I 751 . Our step by step form completion guide will turn complex questions into simple ones ensuring that you fill out the form correctly and accurately. Oct 18 2017 Initially the interview with the USCIS agent seemed fine. Submit paperwork for your immigrant visa C. al staying in USA permission to work in any company located in U. I recently filed my I 751 jointly with my spouse in 2020 the attorney that helped file the case mentioned that we shouldn t be needing an interview since we already had one during the approval of the conditional GC. It is always best if you start preparing for the interview early so that you feel comfortable on the day of the interview. Remember there are many paths to getting a green card this guide focuses on family based cases. Aug 19 2020 In it an immigration officer will question the couple to make sure the marriage is legit and not as they say a quot green card marriage. Their personal information like the Green Card holder 39 s name has legally changed. Feb 28 2020 A Pennsylvania man who was quarantined in San Diego with his 3 year old daughter after attending a memorial service in Wuhan China where his father in law died of the coronavirus began to cough My wife had an interview for N 400 on 09 April 2020 but it got cancelled due to COVID 19 and USCIS send her a letter state that they will reschedule her interview on another day. If your relationship is real based on trust love and understanding then you can easily answer all the questions that the consul can ask you. S. A foreign investor can apply for a conditional green card. There are many types of them and one is the F 2 visa. Waiving the Interview 1. Green Card Replacement. May 10 2019 When will interviews start and how will I be told of my interview date No DV2020 interviews will happen before October 2019. Citizenship and Immigration Services USCIS . We have summarized all the steps until you receive your Green Card. There are two categories of F 2 visas F2A visa for spouses and minor children of LPRs F2B visa for unmarried The Green Card processing time depends on the type of Green Card you are applying for the location of the processing office and other factors. Additional Links. Embassy Interview Questions It is our opinion that the United States embassy interview is the most crucial stage of the process. Hence i will land at the port of entry 3 days later than my green card validity. The good news is that you can alleviate some of this anxiety by preparing for your interview in advance . EB 1 Green Card EB 2 Green Card EB 2 National Interest Waiver EB 3 Green Card I 140 Petition Labor Certification Family Based. The reason immigration officials want both parties at the interview is to ensure you have a real marriage not simply a financial arrangement for you to obtain a green card. Green card for Parents. Green Card Rules Travel are specific and should be followed closely. Our services include everything you need to get your visa or green card but do not include legal services legal advice or legal representation. Very standard for research position with a phone screen Manager phone interview in person portfolio presentation and mock research assignment. Thanks Green card holders are required to report their income to the IRS even if they have been out of the country for longer than a year. If you got your Green Card through investment then you might need to remove the conditions on the Green Card by filing Form I 829 with the USCIS. Newark NJ Field Office Interview Status . The first step you need to take in getting your green card is to see if EB 1A Questions EB1 Extraordinary Ability Questions Frequently Asked Questions and Answers for Extraordinary ability green card application EB 1A PhD Green Card PhD Student Green Card Post Doc Green Card PhD Researcher Green Card professor Green Card Apr 21 2020 The announcement targeting green cards came after a day of confusing messages. This regulation also allows the interview requirement to be waived. Jan 16 2020 If you about get a green card for U. In some cases USCIS schedules an interview and as far as we are aware these interviews generally have simple questions. The essence is to establish that your marriage is bona fide and that the Green card interview questions for spouses tend to dig a little deeper than typical interviews. If all goes well you ll be a permanent resident green card holder at the end of the interview. On that day the officer also took my green card. If you have applied for a green card green card renewal or green card replacement but have not received your green card it is important to take steps right away. That s because marriage is one of the primary ways that fraudulent visas are requested. Department of State website including paying the necessary fees and submitting the required Apr 21 2020 In 2020 she was awarded the first ever Pulitzer Prize in audio reporting with the staff of This American Life and freelancer Emily Green for The Out Crowd investigating the personal impact Feb 24 2020 USCIS has announced all applications for green cards and non immigrant visas postmarked on February 24 2020 or later will be subject to the new Public Charge Rule. Reproduction of this website in whole or in part is strictly prohibited. Their case was subsequently dragged through years of fraud reviews quot lost quot files thousands of dollars and hundreds of hours of litigation culminating in threats from USCIS to fine and imprison the husband for something like Jul 30 2020 A Green Card holder permanent resident is someone who has been granted authorization to live and work in the United States on a permanent basis. If you are thinking that this is an easy way to get a Green Card think twice. It lasts for two years. Estimated timeline Applicant Steps in order Estimated Timeline Step 1. 15. Best Phone Interview Questions Below we 39 ve included detailed information behind these phone interview questions to ask candidates. The truth is that several legitimate spouses face a more forceful interview than ever to make sure the USA is protected from individuals that may want to cause harm to the country and its people. 1044 also referred to as Fairness for High Skilled Immigrants Act . Generally you ll both be in the same room at the same time and each of you will be asked similar green card interview questions including state your name your address and how you met information about your wedding employment etc. What 39 s your next step toward becoming a citizen A. May 03 2019 Applicants who submitted an entry under the Diversity Visa 2020 green card lottery DV 2020 can check the status of their application online starting on Tuesday May 7 2019 at noon EDT . Under the new policy however all EB 1 EB 2 EB 3 I 485 applicants filed on or after March 6 2017 as well as their dependents will have to attend an in person interview with USCIS so that an officer This 2020 applicants for adjustment of status may be required to attend an interview with a USCIS case officer. Travel Rules for Green Card Applicants. Lawful Permanent Resident card or NEXUS card. All posted anonymously by employees. Sep 11 2018 Authorities Can Now Deny Visa and Green Card Applications Without Giving Applicants a Chance to Fix Errors. citizen or Lawful Permanent Resident. Immigration officers want to verify that you have a bona fide marriage. Aug 07 2019 Application. Print the conditional approval letter in your GOES account just in case and set aside Mar 25 2014 Re Green Card Marriage interview questions Reply 1 on March 25 2014 09 46 24 PM I don 39 t know what it is like now but hubby 39 s first time around was a breeze. If you have any questions please feel EB1A Green Card Process. Once a person has been granted a green card she must still make sure to renew her green card before it expires. With the 26th pick in the 2020 NFL draft the Green Bay Packers select Jordan Love quarterback Utah State. Updated September 4 2020. Green Card Rules Travel. It is important that you take this test seriously because failing it could result in being denied naturalization. Their card was destroyed partly destroyed or mutilated. the winners for Fiscal Year 2020 of the Diversity overview and frequently asked questions. Make sure you contact our US immigration experts as they will help you for free. Preparing yourself for the questions and requirements at your U. Anirban Das anirb_das April 6 2020 The reduction of in person interviews for an employment based green card will certainly speed up i485 processing time . Dec 13 2016 Nick Adams talked about his book Green Card Warrior My Quest for Legal Immigration in an Illegals 39 System about his efforts to legally immigrate to the United States and the efforts by the Oct 17 2019 The Diversity Visa lottery also known as the DV or Green Card Lottery opened for a period of roughly one month on October 2 2019 and will close on November 5 2019. Jul 29 2020 A USCIS Interview for Adjustment of Status is the culmination of the journey to becoming a permanent resident in the US. She USCIS wouldn 39 t send any kind of We answer all your questions about the Green Card Lottery amp Diversity Visa Program in the United States. Below we ve prepared a list of the most common questions that are asked during the interview as well as some useful tips. The stamps no longer get placed into a passport anyway whether they are current or expired. Legal Permanent Resident Green Card Holders I have a Green Card that is going to expire and I have not received a new one. If you 39 re getting ready for your USCIS green card interview congratulations on making it this far This is a huge achievement and The interview will likely be around 20 minutes of questions about your relationship. Jan 23 2017 Family Based Green Card Interview Experience Common Questions If you are a U. Citizen is the interview. H 1B Visa Program Questions I already did my interview passed and also attended the ceremony in 2016 in Rhode island. By continuing to browse this site you are agreeing to our use of cookies. My actual termination of my current card is Dec 2 2019 but the biometrics officer had this card now extended until October 15 2020. The Officer will ask the numerous I 485 Questions and determine overall eligibility to receive a Green Card. US citizens can sponsor a few other categories of relatives apart from their immediate relatives whereas Green Card Apr 13 2020 Technically my Green card stands to be invalid from June 3 2020 but due to unavailability of flights i couldnt travel and now i may be able to book a ticket via Vande Bharat mission for June 6 2020. This is the one on one meeting with an immigration officer who will evaluate the applicant 39 s credibility and eligibility for entrance into the United States for as long or as short a stay as is requested. Check the references and former employers of your final candidates. Interview Questions and Answer app we have included all test Feb 18 2018 Here are some of the common questions asked during Immigration interview . In this guide I ll discuss the green card renewal processing time. Here are some likely interview questions at the US Embassy. Thanks Jan 30 2020 Green Tech. Some state and local jurisdictions provide additional prohibitions on interview questions that aren t necessarily restricted under federal law. I interviewed at LG Electronics Santa Clara CA in July 2019. If you continue browsing the site you agree to the use of cookies on this website. It is hard to know whether a person will apply for their green card in the United States where the DHS rule applies or whether they must travel to a U. Follow. Do you need photos for all family members or only for the person who is applying For the electronic registration form it is necessary to provide recent personal photos of Oct 15 2008 I 39 m getting lots of letters about the DV 2010 green card lottery. Common Questions USA Green Card is an independent organization and is not affiliated with the US Government. For green card applicants of all kinds navigating the legal immigration system has become significantly more arduous under Mr. 14th Mar 2020 November 2020 Download of Interview Call Letter Apr 04 2018 A green card is also called a permanent resident card and it grants official immigration status in the United States. LPR who has been outside the United States for more than one year must request a Returning Resident Visa interview. Green Card Lottery Selection and Appeals Process Permanent Resident Card for the U. Simply enough they are interested in your nbsp Have you ever been to immigration court Have you ever committed any crimes while in the United States Have you ever committed any crime in your home nbsp DV Diversity Visa Lottery US Green Card lottery. If information is added or revised the applicant should re sign and date the application at the conclusion of the interview. Many green card applicants have finally reached the end of the cumbersome application process but the happy ending is yet to come their Green Cards are not delivered in mail yet. must petition the U. The annual Diversity Visa Lottery also known as the Green Card Lottery is a US government program that makes 55 000 Permanent Resident cards available every year to persons from underrepresented countries which have been less represented in employment and family based preference categories in the United States of America and who meet two basic See full list on britsimonsays. 2 Jan 2020 Study the 100 official USCIS questions and answers to pass the test Fast. Questions about IR2 interview for stepchild 13 years old I m the USC and I filed a petition for my stepchild. Before your green card expires you are eligible to apply for a green card renewal. different rules may apply. For h1b interview questions and answers follow h1b interview questions and answers. A returning U. For free or low cost options in your area visit Jun 13 2013 Many of our clients and readers especially those who have family based immigrant visa cases are aware that a family based Form I 485 Application to Adjust Status required an interview to be conducted at a local to the applicant service center. Determine if you are eligible for a green card. with a photograph. September 5 2020 The long awaited DHS regulation that has been on Spring 2020 Regulatory agenda under H1B category was submitted to OMB for review today under Interim Final Rule stage. If you have been selected you will receive an invitation to your interview four to six weeks before it is due to take place. Feb 01 2010 I know of one case where the wife became offended during the interview and refused to answer some personal questions. Don t let the immigration officers pressure you into giving up your rights. In a nutshell. The DV 2020 lottery registration period began on October Maria received her work permit 3 months later. 17 5 30 6 30 p. When walking into the building officers will look at the demeanor of both parties as individuals and as a couple from the moment they enter the building until the time they leave. It is wise that you and your spouse prepare thoroughly for the marriage based Green Card interview to limit the stress and anxiety generally associated with a Green Card marriage interview. Learn how to renew or replace your Green Card Renew your Green Card if your current card expired or will expire in the next six months. Sample H1b visa Interview questions and answers covers almost all the topics. Finally one may not engage in what is called a forum shopping trying to change an interview location hoping for a result better than in the original forum. Going from Student Visa to Green Card Effect Felonies Have on Immigration Status Are There Differences between a Visa and a Green Card U. You must apply to be in the lottery and you must be from a country that has low immigration rates into the U. card with identifying information. 8. Interview candidates. Jan 27 2016 Below I ve listed some options that green card applicants have to find out where their green card is and to ensure their green card has not been lost Applicants should first check their case status on USCIS s website click here or call USCIS s customer service hotline at 1 800 375 5283 to see whether their green card is in the Mar 06 2019 Prepare for that interview. Green card holders are eligible to apply for US Citizenship via naturalization once they ve been lawful permanent residents for 5 years 3 years if married to a US Citizen . 30 Jun 2019 Afterwards the officer will begin the interview. DO be prepared to answer personal questions if you are at an interview related to your marriage to a U. By June 24 2020 he signed another proclamation restricting entry of H L J visa holders and their dependents who were outside of the US as of the date of the proclamation going into effect. 70 Fiance Visa Interview Questions. However the following interview questions most likely would be illegal in every state in some cases whether an interview question is illegal or not can The Green Card is also called Form I 551 and the Permanent Resident Card and was formerly called the Alien Registration Receipt Card. USCIS implemented a sweeping new in person interview requirement for employment based green card applications notes the report Results of the 2020 Diversity Visa program DV 2020 popularly referred to as the Green Card lottery will be available online beginning next week Tuesday May 7th 2019. Immigration Green cards Marriage Green Card Complete Step by Step Guide 2020 . Click now to learn more in our comprehensive guide. We are unable to reply to any questions submitted through our contact forms if they are answered here so May 06 2019 Hello Hiba Thanks so much for making this detailed list of explanations. 17th Jan 2020 IBPS RRB Mock Test 1. RapidVisa is not a nbsp 13 Apr 2020 UPDATE Green card interviews are being waived for at least some applicants during COVID 19 measures. As part of the green card process I prepared the couple to be interviewed by an immigration officer. Read commonly asked questions for employment family and spouse based petitions required nbsp 2 Sep 2019 Green Card Marriage Interview Questions in 2019. First if you are concerned about being selected for a stokes interview but have not been scheduled for one you can avoid this process completely by passing your initial interview. I guess my green card will be produced sometime soon. Be prepared to answer questions about the U. Note You will only be scheduled for an interview when and if there is a visa number available for you. It s a long process. I heard a lot of people saying that i should update my status at the social security service. The screenplay focuses on an American woman who enters into a marriage of convenience with a Frenchman so he can obtain a green card and remain in the United States. You 39 re over the age of 18 have been in the country for six years and have learned English. In I 751 cases an interview at a local USCIS field office is scheduled approximately 20 to 30 of filings. We have seen more scrutiny and more questions about marriage lately said Kate Lincoln Goldfinch an Tomorrow on October 2 the acceptance of applications for the Green Card 2021 lottery will be open. The US State Department will arrange for interviews with successful applicants at consular offices and embassies in their home countries. 100 Citizenship Test Questions Study Mode Study all 100 official USCIS naturalization questions. September 2020. Jan 07 2019 Prior to the interview we thoroughly prepared our clients via conference all. Form I 130. Citizenship and Immigration Services USCIS to permanently live and work in the country. Couples Lose And Now However many marriage green card denials can be overcome. After you have checked on line that you were selected in the DV lottery and followed the instructions on your winner notification and mailed the required immigration forms back to the US State Department you will receive a letter by regular mail from the US Department of State Kentucky Consular Center in Williamsburg Kentucky. They re only given a short amount of time to conduct the green card interview. However form N 400 Application for Naturalization is by far the most common. You should also dress conservatively to the interview. Dec 30 2019 During this year s high profile fight over whether a citizenship question would appear on the 2020 Census President Donald Trump lamented questions he said the census would ask How many toilets desks and beds does a residence have What s the roof made out of Aug 07 2012 USCIS can look to see if you worked for the employer in order to determine whether you committed fraud in your green card application. Sophie Alcorn is the founder of Alcorn Immigration Law in Silicon Valley and 2019 Global Law Experts Awards Law Firm of the Year in California for Entrepreneur Immigration Services. No. In worse situations you might just be passed over and that is the end for you. Once the USCIS approves the I 140 Petition 3 6 months the USCIS first sends the I 140 Petition to the National Visa Center NVC in Portsmouth New Hampshire. The new 100 Civics questions are considered more difficult than the old citizenship questions. My experience might have been on the easier side of the spectrum but for most people with straightforward cases you can expect similar. If you lose your permanent resident status you are still required to pay taxes to the IRS. Sep 05 2020 The I 485 interview is used to verify if you truly are eligible for a green card. You cannot use your NEXUS card at Global Entry kiosks outside of Canadian Preclearance locations. Sep 04 2020 Phone interview questions are used by employers to screen applicants and save time. Phone Interview then 1 in person interview at Cognizant Technology Solutions. Answers to 3 Most Important F1 Visa Interview Questions . A green card interview can cause a great deal of anxiety since it plays an important role in deciding whether or not you will be able to immigrate to the United States. Stefan Arkie. Renew or Replace a Green Card. USCIS will review your application and schedule an interview with you. Here are the latest h1b visa interview questions and answers The purpose of this interview is so that the immigration official can better determine whether your marriage is legitimate or not. Citizen or Permanent Resident Child Immigration Visa Number and Required Documents for Relationship Child Immigration Petition Process and Immigrant Visa Application The quot Following To Join quot Benefit for Permanent Resident 39 s Child to Get Green Card Frequently Asked Questions and Answers Mar 16 2020 Use these 10 interview questions and answers to prepare to get your next job. When they are required questions which you are to answer under oath are likely to touch on general eligibility verification clarification or updating information. Learn more and register. wmv. However you are not allowed to apply for a temporary visa or travel to the US on a temporary visa for the purpose of coming into the country and applying for a green card. If you are applying for permanent residency with an I 485 you ve probably also heard about your green card interview that is coming. Many of you may wonder what does this interim final rule stage mean and what impact it can have on H1B program including option for lawsuit in court. Form I 751 Remove Conditions Green Card. NOTE If you are applying from outside the US then you can schedule your immigration medical exam only AFTER you have your green card interview appointment. The I 485 interview is likely the last step in your application process. Here are 70 sample fiance visa interview questions which are examples of the kinds of questions you may be asked during the interview. What to expect during the real test. The most common family green card is the marriage based category which involves spouses and minor children of U. Card for the use of a Resident Citizen in the United States. spouse doesn 39 t have to attend or at an office of U. Jul 23 2020 On April 22 2020 President Trump signed an executive order restricting entry of new green card applicants. Even if the hiring committee answers all your questions before you have a chance to ask them don 39 t finish an interview without asking a few questions. The process took 3 weeks. We have seen more scrutiny and more questions about marriage lately said Kate Lincoln Goldfinch an 16 hours ago 17. Support provided in 20 languages. Here our Los Angeles criminal defense attorney reviews US deportation laws deportable crimes and how DUI drunk driving affects immigration status in 2019 2020. system of government and history to prove that you have basic knowledge of the Dec 17 2018 Employment based green card interviews are something of a formality. For example one can receive a permanent resident card by marrying a US citizen or by applying for one through the sponsorship of a family member or employer who is already a US citizen. Be confident and make sure you know everything that you have mentioned on your resume while you apply and go for interview. How to Succeed with Your Green Card Interview. As for your passport if you will want to travel after you get your green card you will need to have a valid passport. Questions asked by USCIS Immigration nbsp Most interviewers tend to ask the same types of questions so it has become slightly easier to prepare for any job interview. Questions on the K1 visa interview. Its now almost end of April 2020 and I still have not received my new card. history about people of significance to the country and about how the American government works. Citizenship and Immigration Service USCIS three months before the green card expires. Section 216 d 3 notes that an I 751 personal interview quot shall be conducted within 90 days after the date of submitting a petition at a local office of the Service quot . The couple must submit a form I 751 joint petition during the 90 day period prior before the expiration of the green card. Jun 08 2016 There will also be a naturalization test. Over under win total explanations for the Eagles and all of their 2020 Mar 12 2018 Have you wondered why the dates for EB2 India and EB3 India for Green Card are not moving and number of Green Card issued for EB2 India came from 23 000 to 3 000 in 3 years U. Spouse 39 s Background and nbsp It is our opinion that the United States embassy interview is the most crucial stage of the process. Doing so can create some very serious problems down the road. Additional Questions I WAS SPONSORED FOR AN IMMIGRANT VISA BEFORE FEBRUARY 21 2020 AND MY INTERVIEW DATE IS AFTER THAT DATE WILL I STILL BE ABLE TO RECEIVE A VISA WHAT DO I DO IF MY PERMANENT RESIDENCE CARD GREEN CARD IS LOST OR EXPIRED HOW DO I GET A BOARDING FOIL TRANSPORTATION LETTER Aug 01 2020 Top 30 Administrative Assistant Interview Questions amp Answers June 5 2020 6 50 am Top 47 Teamwork Interview Questions amp Answers August 23 2019 11 28 am Top 100 Splunk Interview Questions amp Answers August 23 2019 11 10 am Common American Embassy Visa Interview Questions. Yael Brudner the founder of Brudner Law knows that immigration law can affect the most fundamental aspects of a person s life. I will also discuss expedited processing of a green card renewal application. July 22 2020 July 22 2020 Yael Brudner0 commentsLatest NewsImmigration. consulate or embassy outside the United States for their interview where the DOS rule applies . From getting a green card to taking the U. I will soon be marrying a U. In increasing order of cost three ways are most prominent 1 A spouse or a relative in the U. To help you prepare for the marriage interview I ve put together a list of 55 sample marriage interview questions. citizen and I petitioned for a green card for my husband. Go for your interview to test your English and knowledge of American government B. We address some of the most common questions and concerns regarding the new Public Charge rule that we have recently received under our Immigration Alert page. Related Blog Posts. In any event this is often a brief list of the foremost common immigration interview queries asked by USCIS officers adjudicating positive identification applications supported marriage Green Cards. immigration laws allow people to get a Green Card through investment. USA Green Card offers its clients a year round professional registration service for the Green Card Lottery. Jul 22 2020 USCIS offices just reopened to the public on June 4 after being closed for nearly two months due to COVID 19 so scheduling or rescheduling a green card interview may require a bit of a wait. 2020 Sheela Murthy and other senior attorneys provide guidance that clarifies the law. Feb 01 1991 Directed by Peter Weir. My interview was initially scheduled for march 26th but got cancelled due to covid 19. for less than a Determine which candidates to interview by appropriately screening their applications. When using the Global Entry kiosks in Canada Preclearance locations you can use your passport U. Sep 08 2020 On October 1 2008 the U. Her green card was approved that same day. 8 million or 900 000 for investments in rural areas or areas of high unemployment. This led to USCIS officers subjectively denying some applicants citizenship. Therefore if you presented a valid green card for Form I 9 purposes upon hire it does not matter that the green card later expired. Green Card Renewal Form I 90 Adjustment of Status Form I 485 Green Card Through Family Form I 130 amp I 485 Petition for Relative Form I 130 amp I 485 Green Card Through Marriage Form I 130 amp I 485 Remove Conditions on Green Card Form I 751 Follow to Join Form I 824 Other Services Jul 21 2020 25 of those surveyed described their clients being asked questions unrelated to naturalization requirements. My mother is on B2 Visitors visa in US and her I 94 expires on 18 Sep 2020 and B2 visa expires on 11 Dec 2024. be 8cSgNFW 1 28 2020 interview is scheduled for i 485 2 3 2020 interview notice from my mail box received 3 16 2020 actual interview date newark field office interview lasted about 25 minutes 3 16 2020 status interview was completed and my case must be reviewed 7 18 2020 visa bulletin august 2020 showing my priority date is current Employment Based Green Card Interview Questions. Aug 24 2020 July 31 2020 Update. H1B Visa Interview Questions This Master List is aggregated from various online H 1B communities and will be updated very frequently. A. citizenship test and interview it can take quite a long time to become a U. USCIS processing of Form I 130 7 10 months Step 2. With the help of our online software you can easily renew or replace your Green Card. There is clearly a need for information about the DV lottery process and my blog contains hundreds of articles FAQs and guides to make sure you are successful in getting your Green Card. 5. Department of State publishes the results of the annual Green Card Lottery. civics. Maria has been a permanent resident since March 2005. Feb 29 2020 The USA Green Card Lottery is a lottery run by the U. Embassy or Consulate. Her VAWA case was approved in July 2004. Green Card Calculator Frequently Asked Questions October 2020 Visa Bulletin November 2020 Visa Bulletin December 2020 Visa Bulletin January 2021 Visa The main objective for a marriage based green card interview is to know the if the marriage was in good faith. Please review this information before contacting us. Approval Notice 5 10 months. Review best practices for interviewing and prepare interview questions. A Trump family lawyer said in an on camera interview with Univision that she received her green card through marriage. Form I 90 Green Card Renewal. US Citizenship and Immigration Services Interview Questions Aug 31 2020. Test yourself Immigration Interview Questions You Need to Know. The 2020 USA Green Card Lottery DV2022. You must answer correctly 6 of the 10 questions to pass the civics test. They must complete the 1040 tax return form. So sometimes it is also referred to as a 10 year Green Card. There are various ways to get a green card. USCIS may ask questions about your or your husbands status may request additional information etc. During the naturalization interview a USCIS officer will ask you up to 10 questions from the list of 100 questions in English. DV 2020 Green Card also known as American Visa Lottery Program is administered by KCC under the US State Department instructions. By gods grace it got approved yesterday. Several thousand other people are feeling the way you do right now. Family Preference Green Cards processing takes from 1 to 10 years depending on the wait time and yearly caps. 1. The outcome of an immigration matter can affect where you can live where you work whether you can live in the same country as your family and even your safety we can help protect you with V. 1 Become a CIFA Canada Green Card member. At the 2020 NBC UNIVERSAL. During your K1 K3 Visa Application process you and your foreign fianc e will be required to show proof of financial support I 864 I 134 . Do I still need to get the waiver before I can get a green card through my spouse 3 September 2020 10 33 am Sep 03 2020 Hello Hope you are doing good. Learn more. Pass Your Green Card Interview. The interview is pretty simple Jun 11 2020 Difficult Green Card Interview Questions to Expect in 2020. This draw was officially endorsed by the American Senate House to issue 50 000 immigrant visas to qualified applicants who are coming from eligible countries each year. Mar 26 2009 Hi I got married to my wife in 2014 and got the green card in 2015. If you win your spouse and children under 21 will automatically receive a Green Card as well without any waiting time Back Now however with the combination of Covid 19 and the Green Card suspension we have every reason to believe that F2A will remain 39 current 39 at least until the end of the present Fiscal Year in September 2020 gt only the 5 of F2A applicants who file from within the United States can have an interview scheduled at the moment so that is not The purpose of H4 visa interview questions and answers is to give idea about questions asked in US consulate. By Robin Madell Contributor March 16 2020 By Robin Madell Contributor March 16 2020 at 12 23 p. Green card marriage interview questions 2018. Some officers asked about past divorces how applicants paid their green card fees particularly if they were low income and information regarding Write on your green card at least five questions you prepare to ask and leave room to add more that might arise during the interview. Jun. Now It is Expired. Form I 130 Jan 29 2020 February 1 2013 January 29 2020 Green Card US Immigration By US Citizenship Form I 130 is the immigrant petition that must be filed by a US citizen or a permanent resident to sponsor a family member for a US Green Card. There are three different Categories within Employment Based Green Card EB1 EB2 EB3. District Court has temporarily blocked USCIS from implementing the new Public Charge Rule. In this article we look at why employers ask tough questions and what they re looking for in your answer. He was already here in the US. In essence treat it like you would treat a Feb 05 2020 Read 1 Answer from lawyers to I 39 m currently in the process of getting green card through marriage waiting for interview and employer wants me to get Washington Immigration Law Questions amp Answers Justia Ask a Lawyer U. by for example buying You will need to bring your notice letter green card and a second form of identification. An asylum officer may ask the same question in a variety of different ways so it is important that you extensively prepare for your asylum interview. Aug 31 2020 I am a physician and have two years left to qualify for a waiver to my J 1 home residency requirement. Their are way too many shoppers at this point battling over orders and instacart is increasingly only paying 7 per order. Winners are randomly selected through a computer generated system and upon being notified of their selection must submit an immigrant visa application and prepare for their green card lottery interview. citizens or lawful permanent residents. This new policy will go into effect on October 1 2017. REMEMBER Only answer questions truthfully and honestly do not provide any false answers. Stephen Arnold Black answered on Sep 5 2020. immigration system saw many changes ordered by the Trump administration during 2019 including some that will take effect in 2020. The marriage interview is a highly important step to getting your green card. You must pass the test to become a U. Jan 21 2020 Self employed workers contribute 12. USCIS 39 Expedite Process for quot Aging out quot Child about to Reach 21 Years of Age. Before the I 601A waiver an application to waive this bar could not be filed until after an applicant attended an immigrant visa interview abroad. You simply get the green card about 3 weeks after the interview if you successfully pass the interview. Green Card Holders need 40 credits equivalent to 10 years of work or 40 quarters to be eligible for Social Security Benefits. By Ilona Bray J. The decision to waive the interview should be made on a case by case basis. The questions asked at a marriage based green card interview would be about specific An H1B visa is one of the most commonly procured visas by individuals who wish to work in the United States of America. Jun 05 2020 Marriage Based Green Card Interview Questions Your interview process will begin the moment you walk into the USCIS office. 11 Jun 2020. The interview includes a test of your ability to read write and speak English. U. Prepare for your upcoming U. the time of visa application and interview directly to the consular cashier at the U. Permanent residents who have a regular Green Card can file Form I 90 for the following reasons Their card was lost stolen or was sent by USCIS but never received. A US citizen can sponsor an illegal alien spouse who entered the country legally for a green card despite the 20 year overstay. for more than six months. Tag green card interview questions 2020 What are the frequently asked questions in the green card interview Usually interviews are considered as the final and main step for getting admission in some institute or getting a job Family Green Card Interview Sample Questions. Our service provides a high level of personalized assistance with the entire application process that is not offered by the US Government including eligibility verification data review picture handling and post registration results Aug 27 2020 Disagreeing with a potential employer in an interview won 39 t always hurt your chances of landing the job despite what you might think. Like this thread 9 0. However if the alien entered the USA illegally then you can still sponsor him after marriage but you will need to file a waiver of inadmissibility to overcome the illegal Sep 05 2017 Certain green card applicants will soon be required to undergo in person interviews. Matter of Jun 17 2020 However more frequently the N 400 interview will be conducted and the case will be placed on hold until the I 751 is finally approved. Green Card Marriage Questions How to Prepare for Your Interview The following green card marriage questions are commonly asked by USCIS examiners to determine whether your marriage is real or if you just got married in order to get a green card. If you have a pending I 485 use this calculator to figure out the total number of applications ahead of you. as of 2018. May 10 2016 Even if a CBP officer tells you that you have abandoned your green card and you need to sign forms so they don t deport you DON T DO IT you have the right to fight to keep your green card and have a hearing before an immigration judge with an attorney to help you. Be a Permanent Resident having a green card for at least 5 years. Jul 17 2017 See also career goals sample interview questions. Answered August 16 2020 Dec 26 2019 The green card officially known as the Permanent Resident Card is proof that an immigrant has been granted the right by U. Investors that plan to stay in the U. For h4 visa interview and stamping documents click here. Tips on How to Prepare for Your Green Card Marriage Interview Green Card Marriage Questions If the marriage is less than two years old when the green card is granted it will expire in two years. Make a Payment middot Attorney Advertising middot Send Us Your Testimonial. Taking the EB 5 interview is simply a component of the Consular Processing. The interview is abroad in just a few days and we only got one week notice so we will not be able to attend in person. Citizenship and Immigration Services USCIS the agency will eventually schedule you for an in person interview. Ok. citizen. What once was a four page document has now grown to more than 21 pages. of Homeland Security. But I 39 m Apr 13 2020 As it appears to avoid a drastic backlog USCIS is relaxing the green card interview requirement for employment based green card applicants during the COVID 19 pandemic. So during a limited period of time starting from now applicants do not need to submit Form I 944 with their green card application Note that this temporary injunction could end at anytime as USCIS appeals this court decision. Welcome I have been writing about the Green Card lottery since 2013 and my blog has been visited literally MILLIONS of times. Dec 24 2014 After filing a marriage based green card application the petitioner and foreign national will receive an interview notice to appear at the local USCIS field office at a scheduled date and time. citizen and living abroad Get the checklist of required immigration forms application steps and the processing time. You will also be asked up to 10 questions about U. Permanent Residents Green card holders unless the Green card holder leaves the U. Where We Practice May 01 2018 This entry was posted in Immigration Blog and tagged 10 year green card interview questions 10 year green card through marriage aos interview ask an attorney best immigration lawyers best lawyers columbus ohio immigration attorney columbus ohio immigration lawyer family based green card interview questions gc interview questions green Green Card Renewal. July 13 2020. 2 A. The green card interview usually takes place within 3 months after you have submitted your online green card application. Who is required to attend an I 485 interview K1 visa holder adjusting status Spouse of U. 07 30 2020 green card mailed. com All Rights Reserved. So by asking an asylum office to change the location of the interview an applicant is pretty sure to loose time than to win it. An unexpired employment authorization card issued by the Dept. Jan 15 2020 I had my biometrics approval on October 15 2019 have had a green card for 20 years and this will be my third extension for 10 years. 05 01 2020 RFE accepted. The US Embassy in Ukraine answered the most common questions regarding participation drawing and obtaining a DV visa. The green card interview is typically the final step in the process of applying for U. Apply for a green card D. To enter the lottery you 39 ll need to be from an eligible country and either have a high school education or 2 years of experience in a field that requires 2 years of training. green card applications. If you failed for this reason working harder with the many resources the USCIS provides to naturalization applicants will yield success a second time. Sometimes a request for evidence is sufficient to take care of any H 4 Visa Sample Interview Questions L Visas and Statuses. Following a recent study that reported on entry level job interviews in ninety seven different corporations in the United States we put together a list of fifteen most common interview questions. Citizenship 6 29 2020 After I Married with a U. Watch this thread Start a new thread Add a post Apr 12 2020 In 2020 the green card renewal fee for Form I 90 is 540 total. Entrants will check if they won by entering their confirmation number and personal information. The F 2 visa is for spouses minor and adult children of Lawful Permanent Residents. In the olden days green cards did not have an expiry date. Among these items are The appointment notice Your permanent resident card green card After two years you will need to file Form I 751 to remove the conditions of residence and to get a permanent green card. b FOR IN CLASS INTERVIEWS Ask no more than 6 QUESTIONS from this page . The Employer files the Form I 140 and ETA 9089 along with the required supporting documents with the USCIS. Visa number allocations are Children included on a K2 visa must also attend the interview. Employment Based. green card interview questions 2020